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Seagate Technology’s Lyve Labs names winners of cloud hackathon

Participants of the Lyve Cloud Hackathon 2022

Lyve Labs, a collaborative platform owned by Seagate Technology to build solutions that harness data flow, announced the winners of its Lyve Cloud Hackathon 2022 competition in Singapore on June 2.

The winners of the competition are Team YYQQ1314 (led by Tang Yun and Xu Qian), Team YSL (led by Liew You Sheng), and Team FastStream (led by Kai Wei Hoon). Each of these teams won cash prizes of S$8,000, S$2,000, and S$1,000.

Other participating teams are Team CSTOR (led by Oliver Wee), Team The Water Cooler (led by Lwin Maung Maung Thaw and Xu Haiyang, and Theekshana Wijewardhana), Team Linh AI (led by Giang Nguyen, Nhan Nguyen and Louis Phung), and Team BEANS (led by Callista Chang).

In this hackathon, the teams were to build solutions using Seagate cloud technology to tackle the challenges of improving data storage for customers and businesses. The participants had to choose one of the following challenge statements:

– Build a middleware solution on top of Lyve Cloud that serves as a media streaming server
– Connect other public cloud big data software stacks with Lyve Cloud
– Build a data migration and movement solution from other Cloud vendors to Lyve Cloud
– Create a solution to connect Lyve Cloud’s audit logs to other public clouds

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The participants were judged by a panel that consists of David Gu (Senior Director IT, Seagate Technology), Noa Franko-Ohana (Director, Lyve Labs), Muhammad Yazid (Director, Lyve Cloud), and James Xi (Technical Engagement Manager, Lyve Cloud).

In her opening speech, Franko-Ohana stresses the value of nurturing the local startup ecosystem in markets where the lab operates.

“Lyve Labs has rolled out several programmes, including Lyve Cloud for Startups along with the Innovator of the Year, to support the scaling of data-driven businesses while reaching out to young developers who have the ideas but lack the means to thrive. We are here to help you thrive,” she says.

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Image Credit: Seagate Lyve Labs

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