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Common Price of Dwelling by State

You hear about it on a regular basis within the information—Price of residing rising! Perhaps you consider it each day—Do I earn sufficient to cowl my lifestyle?

However, how typically have you considered the connection between the price of residing and your small business? 

If it’s crossed your thoughts earlier than, you then’ve in all probability additionally questioned in regards to the common price of residing by state. Properly, marvel no extra—your price of residing by state information has arrived.

What’s price of residing?  

The price of residing is the amount of cash a person wants to keep up their lifestyle. Housing, meals, transportation, clothes, taxes, leisure, gear, and training prices are simply among the primary bills included in the price of residing. 

image with illustration of map and house defining what is cost of living

Price of residing indexes allow you to examine primary bills in several areas. There are price of residing indexes that examine cities, states, and nations. 

Main cities, like New York Metropolis, have a better price of residing than smaller cities, like Albany. To offset these larger prices (e.g., hire), wages are usually larger. 

You need to use price of residing info to find out how costly it’s to stay and arrange store in an space. 

Why the price of residing issues to your small business

Price of residing issues to employees. Which means it in all probability issues to your workers. However, why ought to your small business be involved about it? 

Let’s identify a number of large the explanation why the price of residing is necessary to your enterprise backside line. The price of residing impacts:

  • Workplace area bills
  • Enterprise budgets
  • Wage expectations 
  • Product and repair costs 
  • Proprietor’s draw or wage 
  • Increase determinations (e.g., price of residing adjustment)

Don’t care a couple of locality’s price of residing? If that’s the case, chances are you’ll battle to create correct budgets, set affordable worker salaries, and set up a good pricing mannequin that prospects need to purchase from. 

Companies that don’t put within the time to analysis all potential bills might discover themselves dipping into damaging money stream territory.   

To not point out, realizing a metropolis’s price of residing can assist you determine the place to start out your small business. Price of labor is a crucial issue that goes into our finest states to start out a enterprise record. 

The 2022 price of residing adjustment was 5.9%—the best improve in 40 years.

So in case you’re battling elevate determinations, you’re not alone. Our free downloadable information covers common pay raises, the cost-of-living adjustment, year-over-year inflation, and the disconnect between employer plans and worker elevate expectations.

U.S. price of residing comparability by state

Price of residing in every state information can differ relying on what elements are analyzed (e.g., housing) and who conducts the research. 

For our price of residing comparability by state, we used the next vital info:

The imply wages characterize the typical wages workers working within the state earn per 12 months. This information is from Could 2021. You’ll be able to divide the annual imply wage by 12 to search out the month-to-month wage quantity.

Common month-to-month hire reveals the typical general worth of hire within the state (for all unit sizes). This information was compiled by GoBankingRates in 2021. 

The worth of $100 captures how a lot 100 George Washingtons are value within the state. If the worth of a greenback drops under $100, then it doesn’t go as far in that state. This information was compiled in February 2022.  

As you’re trying on the chart, remember that states with a better imply wage, larger month-to-month hire, and decrease worth of a greenback are likely to have a better price of residing. 

State Annual Imply Wage (All Occupations) Common Month-to-month Lease Worth of $100
Alabama $48,110 $914.08 $114.20
Alaska $63,480 $1,288.42 $94.90
Arizona $55,170 $1,208.50 $103.70
Arkansas $46,500 $778.92 $115.30
California $68,510 $1,777.67 $83.60
Colorado $62,900 $1,404.33 $98.10
Connecticut $66,130 $1,315.42 $95.00
Delaware $59,820 $1,346.08 $100.60
Florida $51,950 $1,329.92 $99.00
Georgia $53,940 $1,083.75 $106.80
Hawaii $59,760 $1,880.08 $80.70
Idaho $47,940 $901.75 $107.80
Illinois $59,650 $1,049.75 $102.60
Indiana $50,440 $889.25 $111.30
Iowa $51,140 $831.17 $111.00
Kansas $49,680 $879.83 $110.80
Kentucky $48,170 $859.25 $112.60
Louisiana $47,740 $869.75 $112.10
Maine $53,230 $1,024.67 $100.70
Maryland $65,900 $1,505.33 $92.30
Massachusetts $72,940 $1,553.75 $89.60
Michigan $55,160 $954.25 $107.70
Minnesota $60,480 $1,054.33 $102.00
Mississippi $42,700 $868.42 $115.60
Missouri $51,390 $909.00 $111.30
Montana $49,340 $919.67 $106.50
Nebraska $52,110 $899.83 $110.50
Nevada $51,080 $1,245.17 $102.60
New Hampshire $59,270 $1,213.50 $93.50
New Jersey $67,120 $1,541.08 $84.00
New Mexico $51,860 $901.33 $108.90
New York $70,460 $1,431.58 $83.70
North Carolina $53,100 $1,008.92 $108.30
North Dakota $53,380 $853.83 $110.70
Ohio $53,170 $865.17 $111.60
Oklahoma $48,360 $847.92 $112.80
Oregon $59,070 $1,226.58 $97.80
Pennsylvania $55,490 $1,001.42 $103.00
Rhode Island $62,120 $1,178.08 $98.70
South Carolina $47,490 $1,004.50 $108.50
South Dakota $46,810 $804.83 $112.20
Tennessee $49,330 $979.92 $110.30
Texas $54,230 $1,090.83 $103.50
Utah $53,400 $1,171.08 $103.50
Vermont $55,450 Not supplied $96.90
Virginia $62,330 $1,351.33 $98.70
Washington $68,740 $1,487.58 $91.60
West Virginia $46,490 $786.83 $112.90
Wisconsin $53,120 $943.58 $108.10
Wyoming $52,110 $876.92 $107.20

Price of residing per state: Lowest to highest record

In the event you simply need the news on which states have the bottom and highest price of residing, we’ve bought you coated. 

Check out the states ranked by price of residing from lowest (most inexpensive) to highest (costliest). This information is from a useful resource supplied by U.S. Information that makes use of 2020 information from the Council for Neighborhood and Financial Analysis:

  1. Mississippi
  2. Arkansas
  3. Missouri
  4. Michigan
  5. Tennessee
  6. Ohio
  7. Kentucky
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Georgia
  10. Alabama
  11. Indiana
  12. North Carolina
  13. West Virginia
  14. Texas
  15. Louisiana
  16. Kansas
  17. Iowa
  18. South Carolina
  19. Illinois
  20. Wisconsin
  21. Nebraska
  22. Idaho
  23. South Dakota
  24. New Mexico
  25. Florida
  26. Pennsylvania
  27. Arizona
  28. Minnesota
  29. Montana
  30. Virginia
  31. Utah
  32. Wyoming
  33. North Dakota
  34. Delaware
  35. Nevada
  36. Colorado
  37. New York
  38. Washington
  39. Maine
  40. Oregon
  41. Vermont
  42. New Jersey
  43. New Hampshire
  44. Maryland
  45. Rhode Island
  46. Connecticut
  47. Massachusetts
  48. Alaska
  49. Hawaii
  50. California

Price of residing calculator 

You is likely to be questioning if there are any instruments you need to use to readily calculate the price of residing in a single state versus one other. And in case you are questioning it, you’re in luck—there are a selection of instruments you need to use.  

Right here’s an inventory of internet sites which have a price of residing calculator:

You need to use price of residing calculators to see how far a greenback will go in two totally different cities. These calculators enable customers to enter info like earnings, present metropolis, and potential metropolis. 

For instance, somebody who makes $50,000 per 12 months in Cleveland, Ohio would want to make $112,351.78 in New York Metropolis (Manhattan), New York to maintain up with the price of residing. 

Remember the fact that the calculators have a restricted collection of cities. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics additionally has an intensive shopper value index (CPI). The CPI particulars common costs for objects similar to meals, shelter, transportation, and clothes. 

When you begin your small business, you want a dependable method to handle your accounting books. With Patriot’s accounting software program, you’ll be able to simply enter balances, obtain and report funds, ship fee reminders, and extra. Begin your free trial now! 

This text has been up to date from its unique publication date of September 24, 2019. 

This isn’t meant as authorized recommendation; for extra info, please click on right here.



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